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The Campus is equipped with a Fitness center, an aerobic / stretching and a Punching room. Opening hours: 6h00-22h00

Access time: 90' minutes

The Baumann building is also equipped with 2 Game
where students can enjoy: Babyfoot, Billiard, Ping-Pong, Playstation 5. 


Currently, due to COVID19 we have limited the access of the Fitness to maximum of 8 students at the time and Game Rooms are limited to 4 students.


In order to have access pass by reception and bring your Student ID.

RSV: First come first serve basis

Playing Piano

Music RoomS

Opening hours: from 14h00-22h00

Access time: maximum 120' minutes

Students can also enjoy the two/drums pianos that are located in Caux Palace building inside the music rooms 1 & 2. Students must ask for the key at Reception and give their Student ID.

A guitar is also available by signing the "contract" at reception.

Read carefully the rules & regulations

Further requests please contact:

Close Up of Road Bike

(3 hours for free)

You can borrow bikes for three hours free of charge or if you wish to have it for a whole day, only CHF 5.- will be kept from your deposit. 
Student ID and a deposit of CHF 50.- will be required for bike rentals. A lock and a helmet will be provided as well. 
Please click on the button bellow to see the terms and conditions rental agreement.

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